Heine Omega 200 BIO

Heine Omega 200 BIO

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The Heine Omega 200 BIO comes fully refurbished by an in house trained and certified technician with a 6 month parts and service warranty. These units can be sold three ways. 1. We can offer you just the headset only. This means the headset will have two wires connecting it. These two wires will connect to the binding posts on the ophthalmic stand. 2. Another way we can offer the headset is with a power supply. The power supply will plug into any 110 electrical outlet. Some ophthalmic stands have the electrical plug on the back of the stand, and it can plug there also. 3. The last way is the headset will be connected to a batter pack. Some packs are wireless, some packs have a wire that connects from the headset to the battery pack, that locates on the waist.


ModelOmega 200